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November 10, 2012

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11:00 Welcome
11:06 Christine Mason McCaull / Opening Remarks
11:10 Jaime Sepulveda/The Bay Area as Global Health Hub
11:14 Dr. Shefali Tsabary/Let the Children
11:28 Suellen Miller/Stop the Bleeding
11:40 Yasmina Zaidman/Investing in Health Markets - Maternal Health Clinic
11:46 Adam Bosworth/Corporate Games for Change
11:54 Dean Ornish/Lifestyle Dis-Ease
12:13 Jess Ghanamm/Global Health Psychology
12:28 David Ewing Duncan/Will you still need me
12:36 LUNCH

1:21 Kunal Sood / Session 2 Introduction
1:25 Ankur Jain and Vinod Khosla/Investing to Expand Global Health
1:39 Naveen Jain/Scalable Sustainable Solutions
1:50 Dan Whitman/Water Everywhere
1:56 Sam Hamner/1000 knees
2:00 Tanvi Shah
2:09 Elissa Epel/The illusion of control: human behavior and donuts
2:25 Gavin Yamey/Evidence Brokers
2:31 Jaime Sepulveda/Vaccine Justice
2:44 Piya Sorcar/HIV Education: Challenges you can't imagine
2:54 Patrick Lee/Global primary care: what the US can learn from Liberia
3:02 Kumaré


4:07 Dr. Daniel Kraft/Reinventing Medical Delivery
4:20 Reese Jones/Are antibiotice making you fat?
4:28 Mobile Possibilities with Sandeep Sood, Montana Cherney, Michael Blum and Jeff Tangney
4:51 Atul Butte/Genomic crystal ball
5:04 David Bolinsky/Beautiful Information
5:10 Aza Raskin/The Homebrew Health Club
5:21 VIDEO: You don't / Sarah Sophia
5:23 Fang "Jenni" Fang
5:32 Michelle Goodwin/Violence as a Global Health Issue
5:45 Priyanka Jain/Girl Up
5:51 Patricia Jones
6:03 Amy Lockwood/Call to Action
6:15 Kunal Sood/A Tribute to my Mentor
6:19 LEBO (Lion King)/He lives in Me

Party to follow.

**Please note that all times listed above are estimates.
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