About TEDx(UC)SF

TEDxSF and UCSF are uniting forces for the first time ever to showcase 7 Billion Well a global health focused TEDx event on November 10, 2012. The goal is to create a community of diverse individuals who converse on ideas worth sharing and drive idea formation to innovate, revolutionize, and change the world in the global health sciences realm. Crucial questions will be explored addressing the cutting edge intersection of scientific research, medicine, technology, and industry in global health in the spirit of celebrating traditions that include the healing and performing arts, through music, dance, and media. The mission is to make the bay area become the "Hub of Global Health" both locally and globally. We believe health is a right and responsibility for all human beings.

An unprecedented event, TEDx(UC)SF will merge the best of academia, technology, thought leaders, and emerging pioneers in what will impact the health of 7 billion people. TEDxSan Francisco is partnering with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)'s Global Health Sciences to bring the latest multidisciplinary ideas in addressing the most pressing issues of our world today. Our speakers, from medicine, entertainment, research, and technology, will share inspirational stories of thinking outside the box and making the impossible possible by innovation, revolution, and change. How can we implement actions that activate others to be empowered? How can empowered individuals help empower others to change the world?

November 10th