How To Make Vulnerability Your New Superpower

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We are social creatures and want people to like us. We find many ways to make sure that people like us, we alter our communication, and bring out the version of ourselves which others may find attractive. We want to appear that we are in control of our life and show ourselves as a winner and someone who has everything together.

The truth is that we don’t we can pretend to be strong during some circumstances, but we are not we are just pretending! We are flawed, struggling, and very vulnerable to things that life may throw at us. We are humans and need to accept the fact that vulnerability is in our nature. This vulnerability is not a weakness but a superpower. But how?

Zero Tolerance for vulnerability

We are never taught to be vulnerable and have to learn from the challenges the life threw at us. Everyone will teach you to be brave, hide your feeling and your true self as people might take advantage of you. This cannot be far from the truth it is not a sign of bravery, that we can hide our real feeling but a sign of weakness, true strength comes when you try to accept and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Shame as vulnerability implacable enemy

Shame is one of the factor people hide vulnerability. Shame lies in secrecy, silence and the sense of judgement. We as humans do not talk about things that society deems vulnerable, which may result in you being excluded from the community. This vulnerability can be overcome by just admitting the wrong you have in you and accepting the same to yourself.

Recognising another person’s vulnerability helps you accept your own

We tend to look for people that have the same problem as us and recognising that helps you think that you are not alone, but many are suffering. We tend to observe these people and try to understand and relate the pain to ourselves and try to understand that with all of this pain and anxiety they live their lives with dignity and accept that they are vulnerable which allows them to reach the courage and strength they never knew they had.

Art of Kintsugi

An art form originated from Japan; Art forms are known to heal people with a greater meaning behind them. The art of Kintsugi is when broken pottery is not thrown or hidden; instead, the cracks are made beautiful with the help of gold, silver or platinum and is later transformed into decoration. These pieces are also more valued due to their flaws. This is the perfect example of vulnerability is a superpower in disguise. Us trying to hid it is making us weak, we need to learn to accept our vulnerability to understand our hidden superpower.