Taste of the Talk | Jonathan Good: “Now our Memories can Live Forever”

Jonathan is a founder of 1000memories, a website that is creating a new way for everyone to save and share memories. He founded 1000memories in 2010 with 2 friends and the website was a finalist at both the Crunchies and Webby awards in 2011.

TEDxSF: How did you get started in this?

JG: Myself, Brett, and Rudy (co-founders) had unfortunately over the last few years each lost a friend and we felt like we wanted to create a way for the infinite to remember.

One of the things that’s really interesting and new is that we’ve got the technology now to make memories last forever. It used to be that we wrote things down and paper lasts a very long time. From there we developed new mechanisms, photos and hardrives. Those things didn’t necessarily last as long as our memories and our ability to share. But in the cloud the ability for everyone to be able to share memories and for those things to last a really, really long time is special. The idea that your grandchildren could know what your great-grandparents were really like and what they’re lives were really like is something brand new and very special… Its a different paradigm because it changes the way history is being recorded. Rather than history being the story of a few select individuals whose story is remembered and written in the history books, the opportunity to record everyone’s stories and know in detail what really happened is something new.

TEDxSF: How do you live your best life?

JG: It’s a mix of taking the opportunities in every day and being able to grow on the richness of history. There are so many amazing examples, stories that help us understand what has happened before and help us learn from that and live a better life as a result. At 1000 Memories we have the opportunity to pass stories between generations so that we can live better and better lives from learning from mistakes to seeing when things have gone really well and utilizing that in every day.

Read amazing stories and browse the gallery of memory.

Listen to the full interview below:

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