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We are pleased to welcome Nina Wise soon to the stage. Nina is a performance artist, writer, director and educator, and is known for her provocative and original performance works which have been produced in the United States, Europe, South America and Asia. On June 4th, she will grace our stage with her improvised and integrated performance art, Motion Theater, in an interpretation of What Just Happened with our day.

TEDxSF: Can you tell us a little about who you are and what brought you to the work you’re doing?

NW: I do performance art and theater. The work I’ll be doing at TEDxSF is an improvised piece based on the content of the day. I developed this form of improvising work it and it encompasses many fifteen twenty years and it grew out of my initial training as a dancer. Then I got interested in theater, I did scripted work and then I got interested in improvised theater and autobiographical narrative. And started putting together this form…

So what I do at these conferences…is listen to what everybody is saying and then kind of take all those narrative threads –often talks are very theoretical and intellectual, really interesting, really fascinating that don’t necessarily move the human heart because the human heart is moved when stories are grounded in actual human stories… so I take these sorts of themes and then integrate them with stories from my own life. And it’s usually pretty sunny. But it’s also quite moving…

TEDxSF: How do you live your best life? What do you do exactly?

NW: Well I think the word ‘best’ is kind of terrifying and somewhat misleading. And that, when we think about the kinds of lives that we want to lead I think that question comes down to leading a full life, leading a life that attunes itself to a certain value system, a certain moral and ethical system…and its integrated so that love is as much a priority as work, that financial status isn’t as important as spiritual awakening. ‘Best’ has to do with balance, balancing the needs of the human soul, the human heart, the human mind and the human body…If we think about our ultimate goal in life as having an awakened heart and mind, the part of what happens is that the heart breaks because we become aware of the magnitude of human suffering and begin to devote ourselves to transforming our suffering and the suffering of others…Part of living fully is really deeply investigating what gives us the most profound pleasure.

Check out her website: www.ninawise.com

Listen to the full interview:

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