Taste of the Talk | Chusy Jardine’s “Songs Unsung: Tardiness & Compulsion”, the story of SF Giants Andres Torres

Gigante from Anthony Haney on Vimeo.

TEDxSF: Tell us a little about who are and what brought you to this place in time.

CJ: I am a filmmaker first and foremost. What brought me here was an undeniable compulsion to express what I was seeing around me in some sort of medium. The one that seemed all inclusive and the one that required all the skills that I was interested in or the passions that I had was film. So I started pursuing it in my twenties …

TEDxSF: You’re working on a project that’s going to be part of the talk, tell us a little about it.

CJ: The working title “Songs Unsung, Tardiness and Compulsion”, an autodidactic presentation about arriving late and Andres Torres, the 32 year old rookie San Francisco Giant.…” In essence I’m making a film about Andres, and he struggles with ADHD. He is an extraordinary human being and so my hope is to bring his story and his heroic effort to overcome his ADHD and his background to become this beautiful person that he is.

I’m presenting a clip from the film…it hasn’t been shown to anyone. Andres hasn’t seen a stitch of it… I’m bringing my history of becoming inextricably linked to this human being who, I call a beautiful person whose story requires, there’s an obligation to trumpet his message and what he stands for.

TEDxSF: How do you live your best life?

CJ: Its gonna sound silly, its something I teach my children. I wake up in the morning and I look at my ten toes. And I give thanks ten times for anything I can think of. So it’s an act of gratitude. In focusing on gratitude and the positive, I feel it elevates my life and makes me focus on the things that are wonderful.

Listen to the full interview below.

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