Events Page: Joe Betts LaCroix

Joe Betts LaCroix
TEDster and core team member of Halcyon Molecular

Joe’s Talk: Stayin’ Alive: Don’t Go Gentle into that Good Night

Joe Betts-LaCroix is a scientist, inventor and entrepreneur in biophysics, geochemistry and electronics. Joe began professionally as an electronics designer while in high school, went to Harvard to study biophysics and got a degree in Environmental Geoscience, published quantum tunneling research (Science) from his fellowship at Caltech, did Ocean Chemistry and built robots at MIT, founded OQO which made the world’s smallest PC (Guinness, 2006), filed and sold scores of patents in thermal engineering, user interfaces, electronics miniaturization, cloud computing, wireless power and tunable antennas. He has worked at the summit of the Greenland Ice Sheet and at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and is now passionately working to bring the dreams of Halcyon Molecular to fruition.

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