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Julia Query
Writer & Psychotherapist

Julia’s Talk: Ten Cold Minutes on the Edge of Reality

Julia is a writer and psychotherapist in SF. She used to be a comic and filmmaker. She produced, wrote and co-directed Live Nude Girls Unite! a documentary about the successful unionization effort by the workers at the Lusty Lady peep show. Live Nude Girls Unite! won multiple awards—including the San Francisco International Film Festival Audience Award for Best Feature. After theatrical release it was broadcast on Cinemax and the Independent Film Channel in the United States. It was aired in Australia, France, Spain and other countries. It is currently being made into a Hollywood film by Reason Pictures. Julia is now editing an anthology called Death, Taxes and Puddle Jumping; inspired by Pema Chodron. This talk is from a chapter in an untitled book she plans to complete in 2011.

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