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John Kohler
Executive Fellow – Center for Science, Technology and Society

John’s Talk: Moving Money: The New Coin

For the past several years, John has been a mentor to Social Entrepreneurs at the Global Social Benefit Incubator and now also serves as an Executive Fellow at Santa Clara’s Center for Science, Technology and Society. He was recently named to the Center’s Board of Advisors. Outside of this, John manages technology investments through Redleaf Venture Management. He has been heavily involved in technology product formation and has been concentrating on Internet and Life Science startups since 1994. John’s background includes twenty years of executive level positions in sales operations, product division general management and worldwide customer support at technology corporations including Hewlett Packard, Silicon Graphics and Convergent Technologies/Unisys. He was one of the founding executives at Netscape Communications and original founder of Redleaf Group.

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