Events Page: row1 col2 – Event Description: The Edge of What We Know

From where we stand as humans, at the scale that we are, we push the edges of our knowledge from the inside out. The very small (the nano, the microbial, ants) and the unimaginably large (supernovae, black holes). We push our senses (what we see, how we percieve) and how that impacts what we know about ourselves (What is consciousness? What is death?). We also stand in certain place in history- a certain era, with its institutions and standards or normalcy, with our own lenses on the past and why things are the way they are in the present. But that is all subject to ongoing reimagining- and there are people pushing the edges of our institutions whether that is politics or financial or journalism or art. So, who’s pushing the edge now? What ideas are really “out there” that may change our world?

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