TEDxSF: Advancing Global Health 7 Billion Well

TEDxSF 7 Billion Well: Re-Imagining Global Health—SOLD OUT

Boback Emad

Master Sculptor & Artist
Lights, music and fog-breathing, laser-sculptures - TEDxSF's interactive stage design

Boback Emad
Sir Richard Feachem

Professor, UCSF, UC Berkeley
Moving Towards an AIDS-free Generation

Sir Richard Feachem
Sir Richard Feachem

UCSF Global Health Group
Malaria Vaccine

Sir Richard Feachem
Michele Barry, MD, FACP

Stanford Global Health
Women in Global Health

Michele Barry

TEDxSF, with the generous support of UCSF, is proud to announce "7 Billion Well: Re-imagining Global Health." An unprecedented event, TEDxSF will draw the best thought leaders and emerging pioneers in academia and technology to bring the latest multidisciplinary ideas in addressing the most pressing health issues of our world today. We believe health is a right and responsibility for all human beings. To that end, our featured speakers — from medicine, entertainment, research, and technology — will share inspirational stories of innovation, revolution, and change. Crucial questions will be explored addressing the cutting-edge intersection of scientific research, medicine, technology, and economic industries.

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recent market has achieved an enormous size while still lasting Our goals are two-fold: Create a community of diverse individuals who converse on ideas worth sharing, and drive innovative and revolutionary idea formation. We welcome you to be a part of the conversations that empower and activate others to change the world.

Nov. 10, 2012
at UCSF Mission Bay