Shall I change my mattress?

For the past 10 years of my working life I have lived on my own. My typical routine includes waking up, exercise a little, have a quick breakfast, take a shower, off to work and once I get home I eat dinner while watching TV, take a shower then go to bed. Of course I do change my weekday routine from time to time specially during the weekends. Overall it practically stays the same. Though recently I felt something unusual, my back started to hurt. I thought I was just tired from work and my daily commute. One weekend I just stayed at home so I can cope with rest and dedicate a longer time of sleep. It did not help, I felt like every time I wake up no matter how long or short my sleep was, I felt tired, felt like I did not sleep at all. Weeks went by and just tried to exercise more, eat healthier, change a bit of my routine but still my back pain did not leave. I started to toss and turn a lot before I can go to sleep. I then decided to have a vacation. Went to my parents house and for the first time in a long time I slept like a baby. All the while it was my mattress that has been causing me pain and it hit me, it’s time to change my mattress — which I bought 10 years ago.

Is your mattress causing you back pain?

According to thejointchiropractic:

There are so many causes of back pain, so it can be hard to pinpoint where your aches are coming from. However, there are some clues to look out for to see if your mattress is to blame. The first clue is when your back pain occurs. If your back pain is there when you first wake up, but you can stretch to get rid of it within 15-30 minutes, then that is a major sign that your mattress is doing more harm than good. Also, if you find yourself waking up more frequently or are tossing and turning trying to get to sleep, then that should also be a sign. Even if you are not prone to back pain, you should ideally replace your mattress every eight years.

How to pick the right mattress

According to webmd

To start, says Arya Nick Shamie, MD, associate professor of orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, the mattress needs to support your body in a neutral position, one in which your spine has a nice curvature and your buttocks, heels, shoulders, and head are supported in proper alignment

It is really important to thoroughly examine your choices in your search for a good mattress.Aside from the price, it is always good to consider the materials of the mattress that you would choose, warranty period, your sleeping position, body type, the comfort, pressure point relief, support and all the key areas that would affect your buying decision. It is important to try and be sure before you purchase. After all these considerations, I have trimmed down my choices in to my top 2 choices: Nectar Mattress vs Leesa Mattress and luckily I have found this website which provided a detailed information about my top choices. It provided details about the base layers of both mattress, firmness, bounce etc. which made me think that whichever I choose is going to be perfect for me. Overall, whichever I choose will be a total win.

How to get rid of keto flu?

Growing up I have always been skinny. My classmates would often tease me and ask: “do you eat?”. Some people are saying that they are afraid to hug or hold me because they might break me. If I ask for another cup of rice, people around would stare and sometimes I would hear them say “really?…for you?” I would often hear people compare me to a twig or toothpicks. I have encountered this in the past 25 years of my life. It was tiring and frustrating at some point and all I could think of is how to gain weight. It came to the point wherein I ate anything that I want, and fed my self a lot. It did not matter if it was healthy or not, my only goal is to gain weight. Then it happened. I was very happy when family and friends started to notice that I have gained weight. I just continued my new eating habits and eventually I got heavier than ever. I started to get sick, I noticed that I am feeling tired everyday, I have increased sweating, I ran out of breath easily and I feel unable to cope with sudden physical activity. It was a wake up call hence I decided to live a healthier lifestyle and I started with changing my eating habits. I have done some research and what caught my attention is Ketogenic Diet. I wanted to achieve Ketosis.

What is Ketogenic diet?

According to healthline:

The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low-carb diets.

It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.

The Journey to Ketosis

After some proper research, I started my way to ketosis. It was difficult at first but I keep myself motivated to reach my end goal: Ketosis. Although after a few days of cutting carbs, I have experienced headache, vomiting, dizziness, difficulty in sleeping and have had sugar cravings. I thought I have done something wrong, I have consulted a doctor and learned that what I have been experiencing are the side effects of low carb diet, Keto Flu.

According to mayoclinic

The side effects of low carb diet are:

If you suddenly and drastically cut carbs, you may experience a variety of temporary health effects, including:

  • Headache
  • Bad breath
  • Weakness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Skin rash
  • Constipation or diarrhea


After what I have experienced, I was hesitant to continue Ketogenic diet. I was worried that my research were not sufficient and that it may cause me more trouble and I did not want to risk my health. Luckily I have found a very informative website to completely answer my question: what is the Keto flu? After reading this I have been motivated further and I feel like I have found the right guide to continue my journey to ketosis!

Affiliate Marketing for Starters

Having a home based job will always be a dream come true for every stay at home wife. You get to take care of your family while earning and never get to lose an opportunity to learn. All you need is a computer, good internet connection and a cozy spot for you to work on. As good at it may sound it’s never easy to find such opportunity. Aside from there are a lot of competition in the market, sometimes it is also hard to choose because some are very easy tasks but of course that entails little earnings and on the other hand difficult tasks can give you more earnings but will take much of your time. I have tried to do a lot of research to find an opportunity that would suit my day to day activities as a housewife and of course where I can earn a lot (eventually) and I came across affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

As defined by  Affiliate marketing is:

A way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission

To put the context into simple words, what you need to do is sign up with an affiliate program, promote a product or service, and then earn commissions off of whatever you are selling through your link.

As easy as it may sound there is a lot to learn about affiliate marketing.


Stay Positive. Learn It. Earn It.

After tons of research on affiliate marketing my interest level keeps growing. If you are a newbie to affiliate marketing and still trying to learn what would best work for you, all the ideas, reading materials, tutorials and other videos could be overwhelming. But for me I always motivate myself and I always stay positive so I can continue and push my self to learn more. Because in my perspective, continuous learning is the key to successful affiliate marketing. Aside from motivating yourself, staying positive can have a good impact to your health as well. According to

Health benefits that positive thinking may provide include:

  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • Better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

Right now I’m still in the process of learning and will just take it easy. I will take one step at a time so I can avoid committing mistakes and not waste time and effort. I wanted to take time and learn every aspect that I need to know first, where to focus and luckily I encountered a one stop shop for all of my affiliate marketing needs: Wealthy Affiliate This is a good place for me to learn everything, it is structured, has good affiliate training, easy to navigate,  and have tons of training modules to learn from. This made my journey easier and more organized so I can focus on the important aspects and and just get going.

Why Hire Exterior Painters?

I have always loved our house, not because it is massive, but because it is simple and homey. I grew up in our house with my mom, dad and two siblings. I always remember the times when my dad comes home from work, we have a routine wherein we jump out of whatever we are doing and come rushing, hugging and kissing him and then we eat snacks made by our mom right after. It has always been my favorite part of the day. I always cherish the times that we were together, even if we just watch cartoons or movies in the living room, play scrabble and other board games in the balcony, sharing sumptuous lunch in our dining room, or even if me and my siblings are just doing our home works in our bedroom. We live very simply and I guess that’s what makes me appreciate even the very simple things that happens in my life. Now that me and my siblings have all graduated from college, and are all working and it made us think on what would be the best gift that we can give to our parents? Of course a new house, new car and other new stuff would all sound great but we thought that giving our house a fresh coat of paint would be best. This would be perfect since our parents are very sentimental and would definitely choose to maintain our current house than to move elsewhere even if it is new.

Choosing The Right Color

After announcing the “gift” to the parents, it’s time to choose the color(s) of paint to use. It is important to choose not just for aesthetics. According to webmd

Home decor is often viewed as simply a matter of aesthetics — what looks attractive. But proponents of color psychology believe that the colors you use to decorate your home can have a profound effect on the emotional well-being of you and your family.

After choosing the right color it’s time to paint the house. Though before we continue, just want to highlight one thing that we spent time and discussion, choosing the color of our front door. Yes I am not exaggerating. My mom said that choosing the color of your front door is as important as choosing the right paint for your house. Not just to match it, but it also reflects the personality of who’s living in it. We totally agree with her on that part so we also spent time in choosing the perfect color for our family. According to porch

Your front door is a place to greet visitors, welcome friends and invite outsiders in. A cheerful color can illuminate your front porch and turn a drab setting into a charming spot. Choosing the right color for your front door can be tough, as there are more than plenty of hues and tones to pick from. Different colors represent different meanings, so while some of you may go for bright and bold, others may prefer warm and soft.

Seek Professional Help

We never really considered to do the painting our selves because no one in the family have ever tried even painting a small chair. Aside from that, saving time and money is the major reason why we hired a painting contractor.

According to our parents they really loved the outcome of the project hence they are considering this as the best gift ever. They really loved the idea of keeping our old home and giving it a fresh look made them love it even more. Clinging in to our home makes us look back to beautiful memories, enjoying it in the present and makes us look forward to a more exciting future.I just want to share the website that we have found Neighbourhood Painters which really helped us to turn our dream project into reality.

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Make Bold Financial Risks When You are Young

A lot of middle-aged and older people wish they took more financial risks while they were in their 20s and early 30s. This is because they believe it is smarter and easier to make bold financial risks when you are young. On the other hand, younger people are waiting to get older before they start making such decisions. So what is the right time to begin? The answer to this question is simple. You should start taking bold financial risks while you’re young. Below are some good reasons why.

Few Responsibilities

One of the reasons why you should start taking bold financial risks at a young age is the fact that you do not have a lot of responsibilities. When you are living at home with your parents, you do not have children and you do not have any bills to take care of, this is the perfect time to take financial risks. This is because you can afford to do so without affecting major areas in your life.

It’s Easier to Fail When Young

The other reason why people should start making bold financial choices early in life is the fact that it is easy to fail when you are still young; easy in the sense that you can take and deal with the failure easier than an older person can. This is mainly because your age permits you to make many mistakes which enable you to learn. When you are older, no one expects you to make such mistakes and you are honestly better off not making mistakes because a lot of people depend on you.

Future Safety Net

The reason why a lot of middle-aged and older people struggle with their finances is because they did not have the boldness to start early. When you continuously take bold informed financial decisions, they end up working out and generating a lot of profits. These profits can be reinvested and saved for the future. When you do this, you will have a very easy time when you have a family and a lot of people depending on you. It is also a good way to ensure you have retirement funding.

If you are a young person and you are reluctant about taking bold financial risks, it is time to start. You might fail a couple of times and lose a lot of money along the way, but you will learn valuable financial lessons that will eventually lead to success. When you are older, you will be glad you made wise decisions while you were younger.

Is it a Good Time to Invest in Oil

Great risks and potential huge monetary gains. This can sum up in itself what oil investing is about. Not a market for the faint-hearted, oil investing today is a highly volatile sector where changes are the norm, and risk runs the gamut from quite low to extremely high.

Is it a Good Time to Invest in Oil

Why Choose Oil Stocks

Still, why do so many choose to invest in this highly unpredictable market today? There is much that is said on the scarcity of oil, its dwindling volume, its absence of supply growth, as well as the tightening of supply by oil-producing countries. Balanced against the increasing demand for oil in a world which is driving towards consumerism, where oil needs are vital, it results in a situation where the price of oil is not likely to go down. In fact, it might just remain on the up, or constant at its relatively high price on the market.

This makes for a safe and relatively lucrative investment. However, oil investing should not be attempted as a hobby or in a happy-go-lucky way. Professional advice is best sought for this endeavor. Expert advice can be provided by portfolio managers, and investors can go one step further and learn about geographical characteristics of drill sites as well as seismic and structural features of oil industry sectors when considering potential investment.  Here is more information on how to invest in oil.

The Risk

Oil investing today also provides a rather large spectrum of risk potential, ranging from relatively low to highly explosive. The easiest and less risky investment is by buying stocks of well-known major or independent oil companies. More risk and higher returns can be found in smaller, aggressive companies and service companies which are expanding into new markets. Some of the riskiest but which may provide the highest return pertains to investing with independent operating companies on a direct participation investment, and also commodities futures trading.

Other methods of oil investing now include mutual funds which focus their portfolios on the energy industry, oil and gas companies traded on stock exchanges, independent oil and gas companies, drilling funds, royalty funds, lease acquisition funds, and combination funds.

Do Your Research

However, in all these cases, sound business acumen and diligence are advised. Investment acumen, investment objectives, and investment vehicles should all be determined prior to oil investing.

Investing in oil today wells can be very profitable. It can also be rather risky. With some education regarding how oil drilling works and about oil wells, the risks of investing in oil wells can be managed.

Ways to invest in oil now include commodity futures and options, buying a gas station, oil company stocks, oil ETF’s, and royalty funds. Within each category of investing there will be different options for investing. It takes time to research the options available for investing in oil, but it is worth it. Even with so-called “safe” investments, there’s always the risk of loss. Before getting started, be certain you can absorb some loss without it changing your lifestyle.

Top New Innovations in Laser Hair Removal Secrets

Things You Won’t Like About New Innovations in Laser Hair Removal and Things You Will

If you are searching for Laser hair removal in Scottsdale, you may visit Cosmotree clinic, the very best treatment provider offering unmatched service with utmost care and outstanding result. Tattoo removal is getting more and more common today. Whatever might become your reason, you would currently be in a position to painless Tattoo removal at a reasonable cost.

New Innovations in Laser Hair Removal

What Is So Fascinating About New Innovations in Laser Hair Removal?

When you speak about the electrolysis procedures, there are primarily three. Unfortunately, only one procedure is inadequate, because nearly all of your hair will be in a break phase. There is an assortment of procedures however which help nearly all of the people to acquire proper skin to raise the confidence along with outward appearance. The practice damages the hair in contrast to the skin color. It makes it more convenient to adopt the process and popular among users. It is safe and causes the least amount of pain.

There are lots of treatments offered for acne. IPL treatments are less expensive than the typical price of laser depilation. Though a comprehensive treatment often requires multiple sessions, the overall cost per body area will most likely not exceed $1000, generally. Few things are necessary to consider before opting the expert therapy. Only by means of such reliable systems, you can get excellent, painless laser epilation treatments.

What Everybody Dislikes About New Innovations in Laser Hair Removal and Why

Beauticians and cosmetic treatments don’t always produce benefits. The therapy gives a speedy pain relief with almost no side effects in any respect. Laser therapy is quite helpful in lessening the redness and then stops the inflammation. For white marks, fractional laser therapy can provide excellent results with a string of laser therapy especially in Scottsdale Arizona

If you’ve got sensitive skin, you will need to be cautious whilst using red light devices. Hair is removed via the electrolysis treatment from virtually all regions of the body except the nose and ears. You’ve got to eliminate the hairs in a couple of days. With each sort of innovation, it’s outlandish your hair can’t be evacuated. The hair resembles an icebergthe visible part is only the tip of it. During the process, every one of the hair needs to be eliminated. An individual can readily get rid of unwanted hair via the laser epilation technique.

What You Don’t Know About New Innovations in Laser Hair Removal

Owing to its efficacy, electrolysis is now the most commonly practiced method of removing unwanted hair. In fact, it has been used since hundreds of years and is thought to be a reliable hair removal procedure. It is an option that is still popular, since it does not require repeated treatments.

Various kinds of lasers are created and are utilized. Though they are most often used for facial resurfacing, there are treatments that can be used for many different types of skin imperfections. In most cases diode they are used to permanently remove the hair.

A whole lot of innovation is occurring in the practice of electrolysis with the debut of newer tools and equipments. Well Both innovation and manscaping are things which shouldn’t be carried out in a cavalier fashion. Recent innovations have created the treatment quite popular because of minimal downtime and superior results. Innovations in the laser epilation treatment has made it feasible to target black hair follicles and also become certain degrees of succeeding even in the event of patients with dark skin.