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TEDxSF Salon 2013: Connected Reality

Overview: From the food we eat to the entertainment we consume, the computers in our pockets keep us connected to an evolving web of information that enriches our lives and guides our choices. As computers become smarter,smaller, and wearable, they are integrated into every imaginable thing around us from our thermostats, to our cars, to our cows. This “Internet of Things” is generating multidimensional data that will vastly influence how we perceive, understand, and interact with our world.



7 Billion Well

 Global health does not only encompass the maternal deaths in Zambia or underweight infants in Guatemala, it's about you and me--it's about every single human being on the planet. It's about us being able to envision 7 Billion Well. From the bottom to the top, we can make a difference in the lives of every person. We often hear about global health as a distant topic, but nothing can be further from the truth. This is because WE can make a real impact in each others' lives regardless of distance now more than ever before in our history. Imagine a world in which each human being not only saw health as their responsibility but had rightful access to better sanitation and water, adequate nutrition, and healthcare. What if you knew you could help make this happen?

Join luminaries in academia, technology, medicine, entertainment, business, and beyond in envisioning a world of 7 Billion Well. Hear inspiring stories of innovationrevolution, and change in global health, from saving children's' lives in the most remote areas to shifting your mindset and lifestyle.


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Big Blue (A Very Special Evening on the Oceans)

What if liquid robots could completely change the way we understand currents? Sniff for oil leaks? Identify bad actors in marine protected areas? Why is Gigartina so sexy? Why is our whole conservation paradigm false and how can we change it? What does an explorer and photographer see when he stays in the water in the remotest area for a really long time? What comes out when a composer gets inspired to write an opera to the Ocean? How do the poets and lineage holders advocate for a new relationship with the Ocean? ALL THIS AND THE WORLD PREMIERE OF CAPACITOR'S OKEANOS.

Doors open at 4:30 for registration and networking. Program begins at 5:00. Expect an immersive experience Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason Center. The 1st part of the evening will feature TEDx talks by a group of vital writers, scientists, researchers, chefs & aquapreneurs. See data visualizations, infographics, and technologies being used to understand and address the issues of the sea, get inspired by original music and art. Co-hosted by celebrity activist Deborah Bassett.

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SKOOL’d (Reimagining Higher Education)

In order to reinvent education, we must first unpack the underlying assumptions and shortcomings of current models,” said Emily Chiu, education entrepreneur and TEDxSF salon curator. “Despite dramatic advances in technology and cognitive science, higher education hasn’t changed in decades – and institutions are too entrenched in current models to disrupt themselves to meet changing student needs. SKOOL’d will featured the industry’s brightest minds: the thought leaders and entrepreneurs who are challenging the status quo and re-imagining higher education.

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ALIVE! Maximum Living as a Human

ALIVE! will examine the human lifecycle from many angles: vibrant aging, meaning, mission, family, identity, sexuality, living in community, parenting, coming of age, childhood, birth and conception.

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The Edge of What We Know

From where we stand as humans, at the scale that we are, we push the edges of our knowledge from the inside out. Join TEDxSF as we explore the very small (the nano, the microbial, ants) and the unimaginably large (supernovae, black holes). We will push your senses spanning what you see to how you perceive and explore how that impacts what we know about.

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Courage & Resilience

We had an outstanding lineup of front line speakers and performers including Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd, best selling relationship author Dr. John Gray, Guitar Hero Founder Charles Huang, and Ultimate Fighting Champ Nate Quarry focused on fresh talks and explored the compelling facets of courage and the elasticity of the human spirit.

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Creativity and Reinvention

The speaker lineup included Phil Hettema, a leader in experiential entertainment, who will explore "Immersion, engagement, storytelling and creativity." Joining Hettema, Dr. Sam Wang from Princeton will explore "Willpower." Walter McGuire, who led the Earth Day and Flex Your Power campaigns, will "Shock the Social Contract" and award-winning photojournalist Doug Menuez will present "Fearless Genius: How Silicon Valley Innovation Transformed the World." In addition, the event features world-class musician's Zoe Keating and Meklit Hadero, plus much more, including Ryan Wyatt, the head of scientific visualization at the Cal Academy's Planetarium. Additional presentations include interactive play, creativity, photography and fashion.

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