TEDxSF Salon 2013 - Connected Reality


TEDxSF Salon 2013 - Connected Reality

Connected Reality is an evening that will explore how the exponential technologies of the Internet of Things will give us deep insights that augment our understanding of the world and each other and will propel our ability to build intelligent tools that augment our lives. We'll briefly see the future through the eyes of presenters from varied industries of medicine to manufacturing who will illustrate how they use sensor data to perceive and understand the world differently and adjust their realities based on their new connectivity to their environment.

TEDxSF Salon 2013 - Connected Reality



TEDxSF Salon 2013 - Connected Reality 




Adam Sager

 Adam is the Founder & CEO of Canary, a startup transforming the security industry with the world’s first smart home security device for everyone. Canary has recently become the most successful crowd-funded connected home device, ever. Adam’s 15 years of security experience brought him from the Israeli military to building physical, operational and technical security programs for Fortune 100 companies. Adam founded the nation’s largest security non-profit organization, working with local police to secure hundreds of schools and communities.





Ben Davis

 Ben Davis is the visionary behind THE BAY LIGHTS. He is co-founder and chair of Illuminate the Arts, the non-profit that aims to alter the arc of human history through the creation of transformative works of public art. He is currently championing major art installations in San Francisco and beyond.




Chris Boshuizen AG2010_edited.jpg

Chris Boshuizen

 Chris Boshuizen is a founder and CTO of Planet Labs, a company intending to provide frequently updated maps of the entire planet by launching its own constellation of Earth imaging spacecraft. Previously Chris worked at NASA Ames Research Center, helping create Singularity University and the PhoneSat project, which successfully placed three smartphone-based satellites in orbit this year.

Greg Petroff.jpg

Greg Petroff

 Greg Petroff is the Chief Experience Officer for GE Software and the GM for GE’s UX Center of Excellence. Greg is leading efforts to define the human interface to the Industrial Internet, connecting people to machines and systems in meaningful ways.


Jeff Hagins

Jeff is the co-founder & CTO at SmartThings, a startup that wants to “Make Your World Smarter” by connecting things in the physical world to the Internet and making the physical world programmable. Prior to founding SmartThings, Jeff has spent more than 30 years in software engineering, engineering management, and executive technology leadership roles. Most recently, Jeff was CTO and CIO for ReachLocal, he has served as CTO for SMBLive, Dynix, Apptix, and TeleComputing. Jeff began his commercial software career in the ERP industry at J.D. Edwards and spent the first 13 years of his career at Lockheed.


jeremy howard.jpg

Jeremy Howard

Jeremy is a serial entrepreneur, business strategist, developer, and educator. He is the youngest faculty member at Singularity University, where he teaches data science, and is also a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum. Previously he was the President and Chief Scientist of the data science platform Kaggle, and was the founding CEO of two successful self-funded Australian startups. He spent 8 years in management consulting becoming the youngest engagement manager world-wide, and building a new global practice in what is now called “Big Data”. He is also developing a new system for learning Chinese. Jeremy is also an angel investor and has contributed to a range of open source projects as a developer, and was a regular expert guest on Australia's most popular TV morning news program "Sunrise".



Rachel Kalmar

 Rachel is a data scientist at Misfit Wearables, where she wrangles noisy data and tries to quantify anything and everything she can.  A Stanford neuroscience PhD, she's spent over a decade using data to explain, predict and influence behavior.  She is active in the Bay Area hardware community and runs Sensored, a 1000+ person meetup group for people working on sensor devices and applications (  Rachel is an alum of the, Singularity University, and Rock Health, and her favorite hashtag is #geekparadise.


Sam Khamis

Sam is the Founder and CEO of Adamant Technologies, which provides users of their devices with real-time, non-invasively measured, actionable data about the state of their body. Adamant hopes to empower users to track and manage chronic diseases and improve quality of life for people afflicted with disorders including obesity, asthma, COPD and Diabetes all through measurements taken from their breath. Sam founded Adamant to bridge the gap that exists today between the next generation of personal mobile medical devices and applications and the devices of today, empowering users to take control of their health and wellness in a way not previously possible. A physicist and nanotechnologist by training, Sam has spent the last 10 years applying novel technologies to solve problems that face the general public.


Sid Gidwani

Sid has been creating mobile applications for the past 5 years, first for Intuit and Salesforce, then for companies he founded in the mobile-social space. He is currently working on August, a smart lock for your home front door that knows when you arrive and lets you easily share keys with friends and family.


Scott Jenson Headshot.png

Scott Jenson

Scott Jenson has been at the forefront of user interface design for over 20 years. He was the first member of the User Interface group at Apple in the late 80s, working on System 7, the Apple Human Interface Guidelines and was on the original Newton team. Following that he was Director of Product Design for Symbian, managed the mobile UX group at Google and was Creative Director at frog design. As a battle scarred veteran of the software industry, Scott has shipped a consumer spreadsheet, been a part of over 10 different OS releases, 4 commercial web site revisions, designed 3 different mobile phone UIs, did the UX for the Google Mobile Maps, and has over 20 patents.



Steve Mason



Steve Mason is a creative innovator of experiential technology. He has provided thought leadership, vision, design, and engineering for premier interactive projects - online and around the world. He works holistically across many disciplines, setting new standards in human-centered design and visualization technology. Most recently he has worked at Obscura Digital, cultivating their design practice and building the interactive and immersive media division of the business, as well as functioning as the Product Design Director for Bluescape, a joint venture between Haworth and Obscura. He has recently started working at Samsung Information Systems America as a Senior Director, designing and creating functional prototypes of personal technology products.



Janos Veres

 Janos Veres joined PARC to manage its Printed Electronics team. His current interests are in combining disruptive material, process, and device technologies -- for printed, flexible circuits; sensor and memory arrays; batteries and display devices -- all with a focus on early commercialization opportunities. Janos has experience in components such as novel printed circuits, organic transistors, and printable semiconductors; applications such as OLEDs, displays, and RFID; as well as printing/coating technologies including electrophotography, flexography, and offset printing.



Roger Meike

 Roger Meike is a Principal Architect on the Content-Centric Networking program team at PARC. His current work, focusing on next-generation networking technologies and system architecture, draws on his experience as a technologist and entrepreneur in distributed systems, wireless sensors, embedded systems, and media. With his ability to strike a successful balance between innovation of ideas and development of products, Roger is well known for leading software and hardware projects from inception to commercial debut, and creating work environments that inspire staff to take appropriate, innovative risks to deliver short-term results with long-term vision.

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